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Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Copywriting Brothers and How They Help Boost Sales for Their Amazon Optimization Clients 10, 25 or even 50X in as Little as 90 Days.

Yes! Our Amazon Product Description Writing Services Packs a Powerful Punch in Terms of Increasing Amazon Sales Conversions AND Generating Massive Amounts of Clicks from Ready to Buy Amazon eCommerce Customers.

Looking for an Amazon product description writer? How about having two of the best amazon listing copywriters working on your project together as a team? We write engaging, precise, and compelling product descriptions that not only improve your listing traffic but also increase your sales. Double the in depth product and keyword research and double the writing talent without double the price!

We’re Alexandre Murphy and Than (short for Nathanael) Murphy. We’re the Amazon Copywriting Brothers and we’re known for helping generate an INCREASE of over 250 Million Dollars (that’s a quarter of a BILLION for you finance nerds 😉) in Amazon sales for our clients since 2017. With results like that, we’ll be the last Amazon product description writers you’ll ever need.

Unlike some Amazon marketing agencies or Amazon listing creation services that offload all their Amazon work to underpaid and overworked freelancers….we’ll talk more about that in a bit…we both personally dive into the keyword, product and brand research and craft powerful conversion sales copy that gets real results that will move the needle in your Amazon retail business.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about that $250,000,000 really quickly. Unlike certain Amazon copywriting services and agencies that are handed the keys to a bunch of well oiled multi million dollar Amazon accounts and then “claim” that they oversee hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, the 250 million dollar number we are talking about is INCREASED Amazon sales that can be tied back to our Listing, Brand, Seller Central Account Management optimization efforts and our Amazon product description writing services.

That number represents over $250,000,000 in sales that likely wouldn’t be sitting in our client’s bank accounts had they not worked with us. In fact, our full portfolio of client product listings has generated much more than $250,000,000 in sales since 2017, but we can’t take credit for every single sale because we work with amazing clients who also provide tremendous value to their Amazon business.

But when it comes to breaking through and scaling to the next level on Amazon…

Or setting yourself up for 7 figures in sales within 18 months of launching…

Then lean on us to be your Amazon listing writers to help take you there faster and with fewer headaches.

We’ve been involved with the rapidly changing world of eCommerce product retail, online sales funnels, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and writing words that persuade customers to buy for over a decade each.

I guess you could say we have a combined over 20 years of online sales experience…but that’s a bit misleading when you’re adding together two people’s career experience.

Ultimately, total years active doesn’t matter that much in such a rapidly changing online retail space. (Does anyone remember Amazon in 2014? What a radically different platform compared to today!)

Well…it doesn’t matter, as long as you can tap into the psychology of persuasive sales like we can.

Copywriting for Amazon listings that clearly demonstrates to your customers WHY they should buy YOUR product instead of your lovely competitors, then (and ONLY then) you can earn amazing sales online.

Combine that with most leading edge and up to date Amazon SEO and you start to aggressively rank for tons of high value keywords and steal sales from the competition. Amazon is a “closed system” where the competition lives on top of and next to you…so even though your competitors won’t like it…you WILL be stealing their sales and gobbling up market share on the largest online retail space on the planet.

One of our biggest “secrets” (well it was a secret before we literally spilled the beans right here on this page) is that we were the Amazon copywriting guru guns-for-hire for some of the top digital marketing agencies in the USA.

Than lives in Princeton, New Jersey in the hub of the massively influential NYC and Philadelphia marketing corridor where he worked directly with top firms from across the North East and Midwest for years.

After trading the sun-soaked city life of SoCal for the cool and misty landscapes of California’s North Coast, Alexandre now lives in Humboldt County under the Redwoods (literally there are monumental Redwood trees outside his kitchen window), where he continued white-labeling his Amazon product description writing services to some of the creative brand powerhouses on the West Coast, along with digital agencies in Brooklyn and Chicago.

Our experience taught us the dirty little secrets about how these agencies handle Amazon product listing optimization and their whole philosophy for client work. Spoiler: it literally involves words like, “churn” and “pushing out volume” to meet “sales metrics and KPIs” within the agency.

Notice what it wasn’t about: getting clients amazing results. Or taking the time to fully and truly understand a client’s product and the needs of their customers in order to help the client grow and scale their Amazon business in a profitable way: balancing short term sales with long term growth and brand viability.

We HATE that philosophy.

It’s wrong for our clients and it’s wrong for us.

Don’t get us wrong, we care about “sales metrics and KPIs”, but first and foremost we care about our client’s sales metrics and KPIs. We know that providing the best Amazon product description writing service that skyrockets sales is the easy way to have client’s coming back to us again and again and referring us to other sellers (for some reason 🤔 we’ve never had anyone refer us to their competitors 🤣) in your network.

Our philosophy is incredibly simple: Provide amazing service and treat every single listing we work on as if it was our product.

We dive deep into the brains of our client’s customers, we obsess over the Amazon SEO algorithm, and we write superior psychologically stimulating conversion copy that turns people from on- the- fencers into buyers.(OR: That turns people from on-the-fence into shutup-and-take-my-money)

We truly care about offering our Amazon clients the best service possible. That philosophy has led us to grow and flourish to the point where we often find ourselves turning down work because we’re booked solid with a wait-list.

Don’t worry though! We recently put new systems in place to make sure we can help as many clients as possible.

However, we simply won’t sacrifice quality or stop obsessing over our client’s products in the name of “churn” or “pushing out volume” …🤮 (We feel gross just typing those words out)

Our philosophy works for us, but it also works for our clients.

In fact, we’ve helped clients get close to double their monthly sales while already doing over $1,000,000 per month.

Note: Checkout Our Results page to see how our professional amazon listing service can lead to millions in additional Amazon sales.

It isn’t too difficult to double monthly sales from $5,000 to $10,000 on Amazon, but try going from 1 million to 2 million per month…without sacrificing profit margin!

Part of our process is working with the right clients. The truth is, we can help any seller in any Amazon category increase their sales with our proven Amazon copywriting and Amazon SEO, but if you sell a basic copycat product in a highly competitive category then you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to claim market share.

We try to help our clients become top 5 percent sellers on Amazon.

The top 5 percenters are the ones making money hand over fist, month in and month out. They’re largely insulated from the worst black hat tactics that low level competition try to abuse and game the algorithm with.

The top 5 percenters are the Amazon sellers building brand equity through our listing optimization efforts so they can continuously launch new products and scale their winners to skyrocket their sales and margins.

Top 5% Amazon businesses who use us as their Amazon listing copywriters to build brand equity are the ones who truly crush it on the platform and are the sellers who are able to make massive exits, if and when they choose to.

We admit these numbers seem a bit preposterous, but one of our top clients used our services to triple their sales in a year from 4.5 million to over 12 million in sales. At the 13- month mark working with us, they closed a deal with a private equity firm who bought their entire business for over 25 million dollars.

Our client was able to pocket that money.

The private equity firm then flipped that business, along with 2 other related ones, into an insane 260 million dollar deal. The new conglomerate owners promptly fired us from the account but not after the old owner (our client) made out with life- changing generational wealth in the form of equity shares.

The private equity firm then flipped that business, along with 2 other related ones, into an insane 260 million dollar deal. The new conglomerate owners promptly fired us from the account but not after the old owner (our client) made out with life- changing generational wealth in the form of equity shares.

Don’t worry, he made it right with us and we are helping him with his newest, unrelated, Amazon brand launch.

Part of the reason their business was so highly valued was because we had helped our client home in on his customer base and communicate his unique selling proposition in a way that his competition on Amazon simply wasn’t doing (at least not effectively).

We overhauled his catalog over 13 months in a smart and effective way that doubled market share with only a less than 3% reduction in margin! Would you add a million dollars per month to your sales, even if it meant losing about 2 and 2/3 cents per dollar?

Most Amazon sellers sacrifice much bigger percentages when working on growing and scaling.

We provide 2 fresh sets of eyes that see things our client’s often miss. A lot of the time, sellers get tunnel vision on a product or are simply too “in the weeds” with their products and brand to identify the best opportunities.

We have a product research formula that we use again and again for amazing, life-changing results for our clients. Regardless of their business’ size, age, or product offerings.

That sounds like an incredible opportunity, don’t you think?

Imagine having not one, but two, proven Amazon listing optimization experts and Amazon listing writers who know exactly what it takes to get your product to the top of the Amazon search results.

That means you can enter any product category with the confidence that your launch will be more successful than if you had gone about it alone or tried to figure it out yourself.

You can certainly be more confident than if you had hired a jack-of-all trades (master of NOT Amazon) digital marketing agency that you discovered by clicking their ad on a Google search.

To join the top 5% of Amazon sellers, there are other certain things you need. We are actually big fans of some of the top Amazon Gurus you can find on Facebook and whose sales funnel machines you’ve probably already gotten sucked into.

A lot of what they teach is very important to finding success in the crazy cutthroat Amazon ecosystem.

That’s why we require our clients to have some baseline understanding of Amazon beyond simply going through the free (and not very helpful) Amazon Seller University modules.

As much as we love to help, our time is limited, and even with two of us, we don’t have the time to personally walk brand new entrepreneurs through every single step of the Amazon selling process or how to upload a product description in Amazon. That’s not the best way for us to serve our clients and provide massive value in the form of life- changing sales numbers in their business.

So please, do the things that the top 5% of sellers do. Things like taking action, designing good products, and following advice from the people who know exactly what makes a successful product sell like crazy on Amazon – because they’ve done it so many times.

Before we continue… let’s answer one of the biggest burning questions that many of our clients inevitably ask when hearing our story. Occasionally people hate our answer. Those people usually run to the nearest digital marketing agency and engage them in business.

But usually, our clients are thrilled to know our secret because it means there is absolutely no conflict of interest in working with us.

The truth is…neither Alexandre nor Than are Amazon sellers themselves!

And they don’t want to be!

Outside of some specific commission-based relationships we have as brand equity and sales optimization experts for some up- and- coming Amazon brands, we don’t sell our own branded products on Amazon.

There is an entire set of technology, logistics, sourcing, and supplier headaches involved in launching an Amazon product that we don’t have time for.

Our specific expertise is best when we can come in after the initial product creation and sourcing is completed (a multi month long process in itself), and step in as the Amazon marketing, sales optimization service providers, and Amazon product description writers.

Aside from being a massive conflict of interest if we were always launching our own products, the truth is – we are able to achieve our business profitability goals by hyper- focusing on the sales- generating part of the process.

In the time it would take us to launch 3 products, we could instead help literally dozens of happy paying clients. Without having to deal with trying to finance a multitude of product launches or build out and manage an expensive sourcing team.

We’ve refined our process into something we call CompetitiveEdge2. Because Alexandre x Than working together and with clients is better than the sum of the individual parts, we are able to square our expertise to help earn our clients an insane competitive edge that generates unbelievable results.

An important part of our CompetitiveEdge2 process means we are diving deep into not just the SEO keywords, but the real-life reasons your customers hand over their hard-earned money and buy your products.

After all, the algorithm only ranks your products, it doesn’t buy them. Real customers with real wants, needs and emotions are the actual buyers of your product.

This allows us to uncover areas of opportunity for our clients to even expand their portfolio or make their individual products better than the competition.

This is something that Amazon listing writers with a sole focus on Amazon SEO when trying to create a product description in Amazon.

It also helps us identify major mistakes that our clients are sometimes about to make!

Mistakes that would leave them dead in the water as another me-too product on Amazon that doesn’t distinguish itself in any way, shape, or form.

Because we are two more sets of eyes, and because we literally obsess about Amazon optimization and copywriting every single day…we are able to identify things that our clients often miss completely.

Little things that make the difference between mediocre sales and competition- destroying sales records that catapult you up the rankings on Amazon.

We are also able to take an effective holistic view of all your products with outside eyes.

Recently we were able to identify some peculiarities with how a client had their parent-child variations set up within Amazon Seller Central.

This client, Isaac (name changed), had been selling on Amazon for over 3 years and, in classic entrepreneur fashion, just built as he went and figured it out. He put out fires when they arose, but he didn’t realize many of the reasons he had so many fires in the first place was because of the haphazard way he had built his account and product offerings.

Our simple, but profound, fix on his variations (combined with updated killer copywriting for Amazon listings and proven Amazon SEO) was implemented on 3 parent listings in less than 1 week.

In less than 1 month all 3 parent variants were dominating the Amazon category at the same time!

Despite his competition’s best efforts, all 3 products are still raking in sales over 9 months later. Prior to this fix Isaac was considering getting rid of two- thirds of the child variants!

Now with his increased sales he is adding 6 more by the end of the quarter!

In the past 9 months Isaac has earned over $1,000,000 more than he was on track for earning before working with us!

That’s just one example of how our CompetitiveEdge2 process helped change a client’s business seemingly overnight without lowering margins in any way and without cranking up expensive PPC campaigns with high ACoS!

Isaac went from cutting his losses on some underperforming variants to becoming one of the top sellers in the category by using our Amazon listing copywriter optimization services and making that quick fix we identified to his variants.

Thanks for reading this far, and if you don’t mind, we’d like to share one more way we helped a client boost their Amazon sales.

We used our CompetitiveEdge2 optimization for a client in a highly competitive supplement category.

Anyone who sells supplements knows just how cut throat the entire category is. We’ve helped Trish (name changed) build out her Amazon supplement brand to the point that she has multiple products within the top 5 sellers in their respective categories.

Some of her others are in the top 10 and some others are hovering just outside the top 25. The reality is some products are easier to rank than others, based on the competition.

That doesn’t mean they can’t all combine to create a strong and profitable catalog of branded products.

Trish recently rehired us to work on one of her top 5 sellers. We had worked on the original listing in 2019. Now, this dietary supplement has some medical research that allows for immunity claims.

As everyone knows the global pandemic saw a huge influx in immunity based products on Amazon. Trish was poised to win with this product because we had already put the immunity conversion copy in and the keywords had been ranking since 2019.

Trish was in the top 5 for this product but could never break into the top 2, despite some pretty consistent jockeying in the rankings.

When redoing this listing in 2022, we were able to take advantage of 3 years worth of ranking and customer insight.

Our CompetitiveEdge2 uncovered something extremely interesting. Although immunity boosting benefits were important for sales, it wasn’t the #1 reason people were buying this particular supplement!

Even crazier…not one competitor had realized this either!

We told Trish and completely reworked the Title and made Bullet #1 focused on the real reason Amazon customers were buying.

We bumped Immunity down to Bullet #3 and although it’s only been about 4 weeks since Trish made the change, the results have been extremely promising.

She is currently the #2 product in the category despite the top competitor (a national supplement brand you can see on the shelves of your local pharmacy) having over 3,000 more reviews than her!

As a private label Amazon seller with a much tighter budget than the top competing billion dollar supplement brand, Trish is absolutely thrilled.

Furthermore, despite great success with the product,  Trish had never achieved a top 2 ranking for this particular product!

Sometimes all it takes is that single spark and update to turn a listing from good to phenomenal.

Trish has obviously hired us to go through more of her other older listings and we’re working with her on an overall brand gameplan to reinvigorate her copywriter product descriptions on an ongoing basis.

Luckily, she has already been relying on us exclusively for her Amazon listing creation, which is a major reason she has so much success in such highly competitive categories.

Now we have a plan to reoptimize on a more regular schedule, which is a good idea for her due to her hyper competitive categories.

Trish is too busy with all the other day-to-day activities of running her private label Amazon business to fully obsess about Amazon listing copywriting and optimization like we do.

All that means is, if you already have your product picked out, or you know that your current product needs to be revitalized – then the Amazon Copywriting Brothers are probably a good fit for you.

Remember, we aren’t here to source products, speak with Chinese brokers on Alibaba, negotiate import deals, or decide whether your product should be die-cast in Vietnam or assembled in the USA. We aren’t here to walk you through image upload, subject matter fields, or how to purchase GS1 barcodes.

As a committed Amazon seller, you’ll be in possession of basic Amazon knowledge already, before working with us.

Then we can do our job to help you join the 7, 8 and now 9 (!!!!) figure sellers club on Amazon.

Imagine an Amazon business that lets you sleep easy every night, knowing the sales will continue to come pouring in, and the competition will be scratching their heads (or banging their heads against a wall) asking, “why???”.

Contact us Today to help optimize your Amazon listings and boost your sales with killer Amazon sales copywriting and cutting-edge Amazon SEO listing optimization.

If you’re still unsure whether we are the best Amazon product description writers for your needs, check out what real clients are saying about our results.

Did you know that we offer an industry leading 110% Money Back Guarantee on all our services?

If you haven’t checked out our services page yet, below is a quick rundown.

Amazon Product Description Writing Services We Offer

Our Product Description Writing Services Include:

Product Specifications & Selling Points

Even if you don’t have Amazon Brand Registry, a well researched and optimized product description works together with your Amazon Bullets and Title to help you stand out against the competition’s product listings and other online retailers offerings. We are professional copywriters and we will create compelling product descriptions for your product that get more people to click and buy.

Amazon Product Title

Your Title is essential for dominating the search results with optimized content, marketing content, relevant information and the right keywords to rank highly and earn more sales. The Title does the heavy SEO lifting and motivates more customers to click on your listing and gears them up to purchase your product.

Amazon Product Title Example

Amazon Product Descriptions

We dive deep to collect product information and keywords from manufacturer’s websites, suppliers, and competitor’s listings. We will create engaging product descriptions optimized in length and character count for the Amazon algorithm and for improving online presence. Apart from writing specifications and key product features of your product, we ensure your content contains the most searched high value keywords.

Amazon Product Description Example

Amazon Bullets

Bullet points are the best way to let Amazon visitors know the key product features and specifications of your product. We write your products bullets in an engaging way that highlights the key benefits for your customers and provides an effective call to action. Targeted keywords are distributed in an organic and Amazon friendly way to give you a competitive advantage. 

Amazon Product Bullet Example

Why Choose Us For Your Amazon Product Description Writing?

Your Amazon product description is how you communicate to your target audience customers what your product is and how they will benefit from buying it. We are masters at product description writing tailored to the Amazon marketplace and Amazon customers. Here is why the Amazon Copywriting Brothers are the best solution for you:

  • We have over 250 million dollars of Amazon sales experience in writing product descriptions that convert more buyers.

  • We expertly weave 100% SEO-friendly product descriptions for your Amazon ecommerce store and listing to gain higher keyword and category rankings. Higher rankings mean more visitors and paying customers.

  • We both work together to research and write an incredible Amazon listing. Two sets of eyes and two Amazon obsessed brains ensure no stone is left unturned.

  • We work with all categories and provide unrivaled detail balanced with a quick turnaround time.

  • All our Amazon product writing services are backed by our 110% Money Back Guarantee!