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We’ll make your product sound so jaw-droppingly incredible – so accurately amazing – your customers will be practically stampeding to click  ‘Add to Cart’ … or better yet ‘Buy Now’.

You have less than 10 seconds to grab their attention before they click away, so make every microsecond count.

The fact is, you’ve already spent tons of time, energy, research, and brain power creating a standout product. Your thoughtful product development, clever sourcing and unique selling points are all accomplishments you can be proud of. But doesn’t it make sense to hand over the final piece of the Amazon puzzle to proven experts?

Professional Amazon listing writers who eat, sleep and breathe conversion optimization and keyword driven SEO? Amazon listing copywriters who can take your labor of love and give it the captivating, irresistible voice it deserves.

We are Alexandre and Than Murphy, Amazon Listing Copywriting Experts.

We are The Amazon Copywriting Brothers. 

The Amazon Copywriting Brothers - Expert Amazon Product Description Writers

Can your Amazon Private Label product do well without professional sales copy? Yes it can. Technically, if you nail down all the vital aspects of a winning Amazon listing, you can find success. But the reality is, Amazon sellers who get professional product description help see a boost, often a massive boost, in sales when they lean on experts for help.

It’s important to understand that our professional Amazon listing service can help you get to your goals faster and easier. Avoid months of slow or meh sales because every day you’re not one of Amazon’s top products in your category, your competition is raking in the profits and cementing their spot at the top of the rankings. 

If you’re Amazon copywriting isn’t the greatest (is “pretty good” good enough?) then one of two things will happen: 1) your product will do just okay OR 2) You’ll miss out on key sales benefits that end up bleeding hundreds of thousands from your potential sales every month.

You don't have to go it alone. We're here to help you.

As Amazon product description writers and professional Amazon listing service experts, even we understand what it’s like to hit writer’s block. The feeling of knowing exactly what you want to say, but just can’t get the words to turn out right on the page. The flow is off. The keywords feel stuffed. And did you really just spend a whole bullet point talking about that??

But because we’re professional Amazon listing experts, we know how to smash pesky writer’s block and deliver you an incredible listing that will leave customers clamoring for your products and leaving your poor competitors in the dust!

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We help Amazon sellers skyrocket their sales by boosting their listing conversion rates and Amazon SEO keyword rankings. 

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